The Studio

Our studio is dedicated to bringing unique design and professional craft to each project. Through the leadership of multi-faceted designer, Bethanie Jones, and deep client collaboration, we harness inspiration and innovation to create meaningful designs.


Our Story

Bethanie Jones earned her BA in Architecture from Iowa State University and specialization in UX UI design from the California Institute of the Arts. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where she is a full-time designer and educator. Her work primarily focuses on web design, painting, sculpture, architecture, and digital art. 


As a designer and artist, Bethanie allows the rigidity of one discipline to balance the conceptual fluidity of the other. This exchange maintains her hyper sensitivity to space and how users experience space. The tensions in space psychology, how beauty is perceived, the unseeable, and finding sensation in the seemingly mundane are at the front of her practice.


Additionally, Bethanie spends her time investing back into education by teaching learners globally. She is a firm believer in mentorship and inspires independent thought through self-learning. Her skillful ability to ask questions while providing clear structure, direction and self-rule make a lasting impact.


Bethanie has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants in recognition of her continuing effort in the architecture and design community. Her recognitions are a testament to the dedication and heart that she brings to the industry, art, and education. 


Architectural Design

A highly collaborative design process focused on space planning and the user experience. 


Awaken your space with vibrant pops of color, beautiful textures, and incredibly dainty linework. 


Stimulate your educational journey through private lessons with Bethanie Jones. Learn to paint, draw, and sculpt. Additionally, Bethanie provides lessons relating to Adobe software, UX/UI design, and architecture.

Painting + Sculpture

Working from recycled, natural, and handmade materials, Bethanie creates artwork that derives from memories. 

Brand + Web Design

Build company identity through color, texture, fonts, and logo design that is implemented into a working website for users to access on a desktop and mobile device.

Graphic Design

From company logos to books and anywhere inbetween, Bethanie looks to work within your needs to create beautiful and timeless designs.

Awards + Recognitions

SERIES 001 Exhibitor
SAF Annual Model Exhibit Exhibitor
iaWia Member of the Month
AIA Iowa Student Project Choice
Jeffrey Pilling Architecture Scholar
Mastery of Community Leadership
Jeff Tegeler Scholar

Beyond the Digital Physical, 2020
Extremely Mundane, 2019
Feeding the World, 2018
Thinking Alone, 2017

Designer + Educator