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Bethanie Jones earned her BA in Architecture from Iowa State University and specialization in UX UI design from the California Institute of the Arts. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where she is a full-time designer and educator. Her work primarily focuses on web design, painting, sculpture, architecture, program management, and digital art. 
As a multi-faceted professional, Bethanie allows the rigidity of one discipline to balance the conceptual fluidity of the other. This exchange maintains her hypersensitivity to space and how users experience space. The tensions in space psychology, how beauty is perceived, the unseeable, and finding sensation in the seemingly mundane are at the front of her practice.
Additionally, Bethanie spends her time investing back into education by teaching learners globally. She is a firm believer in mentorship and inspires independent thought through self-learning. Her skillful ability to ask questions while providing clear structure, direction and self-rule make a lasting impact.
Bethanie has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants in recognition of her continuing effort in the architecture and design community. Her recognitions are a testament to the dedication and heart that she brings to the industry, art, and education.

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