Sensory Romance

our willingness to notice even the most banal to consider the connections of our psyche
to allow space for nostalgia


In a hyper-digital world, reconnecting with our outer senses has become essential. The flicker of light across a body of water, the sound of rain hitting a tin can, the touch of her dry hands in winter, the taste of cold coffee - all stimulate our senses and it is these experiences of understanding, imagination, and memory that define us as human beings.

Working from recycled, natural, and handmade materials, Bethanie Jones creates artwork that explores reconnecting humans with the tangible through the importance of touch - encouraging you to mundanely feel the artwork.

Sensory stimulation, memories, imagination, and emotion are very much intertwined. Through the experience of sounds, smells, and objects we can stimulate our senses that trigger emotions and connect us to our memories.

And these memories are nonetheless demanding. For some reason, memories should not be thrown away. They are given and received, transmitted mind to mind, and wistfully disposed of. Bethanie looks to frame the visual experience of memory - illustrating how material appears to capture memory more than the event itself - and reflect it as a second visual event.


Photography - Kyle Johnson

Styling - CUNIFORM

Graphic Design - Preston Mila

Presented By - Glasswing