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The fantastic studio office enables optimal growing conditions for innovation and other motley thinking.


Each acre in the corporation yields as much design as 10 outdoor acres and cuts the need for energy by 97 percent. 


In a potato sector near the evergreen’s border, engineering producer John Williams is seated in the position of an immense harvester before a machine panel. 


From his chair, he’s auditing three programs, an automated cyborg roaming the fields, and a guarded crate in the air - that provides detailed studies on design, measuring the progress of every seedling down to the individual potato.

c. 2019


Materials: Plaster, Wood

Prompt: What is integrated design?

Inspiration: Iowa farmland and the diverse 'experts' (equipment, livestock, insects, farmers) found on a farm who work together to produce one thing - a crop. This idea was compared and critiqued against a global practice that believes they are an integrated architecture, engineering, interiors, and planning firm that produces one thing - great projects.

Tools: Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Laser Cutter


Skills: Drawing, Woodwork for the plaster form, Plaster pouring methods, Plaster form removal

Feeding the World by Bethanie Jones
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