by Bethanie Jones

Working from recycled, natural, and handmade materials, Bethanie creates artwork that derives from memories. Memories of places. Memories of things. Memories of people. And the memories are nonetheless demanding. For some reason, memories should not be thrown away. They are given and received, transmitted mind to mind, and wistfully disposed of.

Through her investigations, Bethanie looks to frame memory - illustrating how material appears to capture memory more than the event itself - suddenly a second visual event.

Beauty unveils itself into being. It draws us in, prompting us to take photographs of it and describe it to other people. Sometimes it compels a rigorous reproduction and in different ways to likeness and sometimes to stuff whose network to the authentic place of inspiration is blurred.

In many cases, this duplication of the imperfect instance announces the beauty that lay bare and often overlooked. Bethanie seeks to uncover this - calling out moments and creating beautiful pieces that leave a meaningful impact for her clients.